Being out in the countryside with my dogs gives me time to think. I’ve learnt the pleasure of solitude without being lonely, and that’s a good feeling for me.

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This is my countryside diary which appears each Saturday in the Dundee Courier newspaper.

Sea of memories

October 22nd, 2016

dsc03813THERE ARE moments when I need to be near the sea. Last Monday I couldn’t resist its siren call any longer. The morning didn’t look too promising but I’ve noticed that often the weather on the coast is the opposite of the weather inland. I took my chances and, bundling Inka into the car, drove to Mains of Usan Farm below Ferryden, the former fishing village across the mouth of the River South Esk from the port of Montrose. …read on »

Tartan revival

October 15th, 2016

angusI ALWAYS appreciate feedback and my comments last week about magpies brought a couple of responses. …read on »

Bloodshed and beauty in the Borders

October 8th, 2016

dsc03803MAGPIES ARE the sharp-suited Jack the Lads of the bird world. They have all the cunning and intuitive sense of self-preservation of the crow family of which they are members. …read on »

Not all proverbs impart wisdom

October 1st, 2016

dsc03770THE GREY geese are back. Regular readers will know how I look out for their return each autumn. They are the elemental spirits of nature, the authentic voice of winter. …read on »

Enchantment of the night time world

September 24th, 2016

p1000288THERE WAS a full moon last Saturday, a harvest moon appropriately, almost bright enough to read my Courier by. The Doyenne and I were driving home from a piano recital in Aboyne and we stopped for a moment on the summit of Cairn o’ Mount. The vapour trail of a south-bound jet was illuminated in the moonlight, etched against the clear, sable sky, a raggedy ribbon that was soon lost in the vastness of the aether. …read on »

Feats of endeavour

September 17th, 2016

dsc03744THE CATERTHUNS are two Iron Age forts on two prominent hill tops on the ridge of hills north-west of Brechin, overlooking the glens of Angus. As with most things from that period there are conflicting theories about their actual age, their construction and their use. …read on »

Buddleia butterfly bonanza

September 10th, 2016

dsc03716I’LL BEGIN this week’s piece with an update on our butterflies which have been putting on a colourful show and providing a great deal of pleasure. …read on »

Diversity of Scottish harvest

September 3rd, 2016

dsc03682THE DOYENNE and I support Scottish agriculture. We eat steaks and roasts from good Scottish beef, legs of lamb and lamb chops, rolled shoulder of pork and pork chops too. We’re fond of chicken and at Christmas eat turkey, or Scottish buffalo if we are visiting our daughter. …read on »

Fishermen’s parallel world

August 27th, 2016

dsc03670OTHER THAN farmers, passionate gardeners and golf course and bowling club greenkeepers I suspect the majority of us take grass pretty much for granted. We wish we didn’t have to cut it because it just encourages it to grow again. …read on »

Fine harvesting memories

August 20th, 2016

dsc03655THE HARVEST is underway now. For the next month combine harvesters will crawl across the landscape gobbling up the golden grain and threshing it all in one operation, and spewing out the spent straw to be baled into monstrous Swiss rolls. …read on »