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Being out in the countryside with my dogs gives me time to think. I’ve learnt the pleasure of solitude without being lonely, and that’s a good feeling for me.

Welcome to "Man with two dogs" - the family website for dog owners and dog walkers.

This is my countryside diary which appears each Saturday in the Dundee Courier newspaper.

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Archive for January, 2013

Memories Revisited – The Scottish Banner

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

Sea EagleLAST OCTOBER my wife and I took a holiday in a cottage at Dorlin, on the north side of the Ardnamurchan Peninsula.

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It was a hard life

Saturday, January 26th, 2013

INKA’S DOG meal was running low. I buy it from The Moorie kennels at St Cyrus and my usual route is over The Wide Open which links St Cyrus with the Marykirk/Laurencekirk road, crossing the spine of hills separating the Howe of the Mearns from the coastal plain.

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Walk must go on

Saturday, January 19th, 2013

I SOMETIMES think that the pleasure of snow is in inverse proportion to its depth. For a dog like Macbeth, with sawn-off legs, almost any depth of snow presents a challenge. Just three or four inches can seem like a snowdrift to him.

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Power of nature

Saturday, January 12th, 2013

IT’S THE time of year when haddock roe is available and I jumped at the chance to buy some from Caroline’s fish van which calls at Edzell each Tuesday. The haddock is followed by cod roe which is larger and coarser, but no less tasty for that.

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A bright start

Saturday, January 5th, 2013

SOMEONE SAID we Scots have more words to describe rain than the Greeks, which is scarcely surprising when you compare that hot, Mediterranean country with Scotland. After recent experience it wouldn’t be surprising if the list of rainy adjectives had grown.

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