Being out in the countryside with my dogs gives me time to think. I’ve learnt the pleasure of solitude without being lonely, and that’s a good feeling for me.

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This is my countryside diary which appears each Saturday in the Dundee Courier newspaper.

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Archive for 2015

Seasons are all out of sync

Saturday, December 26th, 2015

DSC03143I DON’T normally see it as the place of this column to comment on other dog owners’ treatment of their dogs. However, I disapproved of the cyclist I met on a country road, at the front of a group of cyclists and with a dog on a lead trotting hard to keep up with the forced pace.

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Welcome visitors in winter

Saturday, December 19th, 2015

DSC03125LAST WEEK I reported that I’d just put out the bird feeders as the hard weather was beginning to bite. The response from the birds was almost instantaneous. Within an hour the feeders were mobbed with the local house sparrows, chaffinches, great tits with their sooty waistcoats and coal tits.

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Festive flights of fancy

Saturday, December 12th, 2015

P1030762THE DOYENNE and I took advantage of last Sunday’s good weather to deal with all the garden jobs that we’d been finding excuses to put off for the last month or so.

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Black Isle’s colourful delights

Saturday, December 5th, 2015

DSC03114WE DROVE north last Sunday on Granny duty. Weather was suspect for the journey so we chose the coast route via Aberdeen and on through Banffshire, and Moray and Nairn to the Black Isle, avoiding the high road over Cairn o’ Mount and The Lecht.

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Poetry puzzle finally solved

Saturday, November 28th, 2015

DSC03086SOME PEOPLE come home from a day in the country and it’s been too wet, too cold, too muddy, too hot, too windy. For them the countryside is not a comfortable place and it’s taken them out of their comfort zone.

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Powerful works of Scots art

Saturday, November 21st, 2015

Kelpies for AngusLOW WINTER sunshine filtered through the trees as I took Inka his morning walk – it was an ideal morning to go down to the sea. We drove over to the Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) centre at St Cyrus.

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Season of dubs and gutters

Saturday, November 14th, 2015

DSC03050RUNNING DUBS and gutters is what my father used to call it when the land was saturated after days of torrential rain.

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A hard winter? Who knows

Saturday, November 7th, 2015

IMG_0077TUESDAY DAWNED foggy. Meteorologists describe fog as mist with visibility of less than 1000metres, whereas mist is still mist but with visibility greater than 1000metres. It was definitely foggy on Tuesday – not an out-and-out pea-souper, but pretty thick.

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Canines of so many colours

Saturday, October 31st, 2015

White labNOW THE sun is sinking low,
Gloaming hour is nigh;
Clans of rooks that homeward go
Flit across the sky.

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Autumn’s special attractions

Saturday, October 24th, 2015

DSC03007THISTLEDOWN BLOWING past my study window on a brisk breeze brought home to me that we are well and truly into autumn. It’s not as though I didn’t know it anyway, with fields combined and baled ready for ploughing and for sowing the winter wheat and barley.

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