Being out in the countryside with my dogs gives me time to think. I’ve learnt the pleasure of solitude without being lonely, and that’s a good feeling for me.

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Country sports

April 15th, 2006

COUNTRY SPORTS are alive and well, I can report. Some are little-known, and others go into hibernation until someone resurrects them and everyone has a jolly good laugh.

The Doyenne and I had enjoyed a very convivial lunch party and I was quietly contemplating an afternoon snooze when we got home, when I found myself the victim for the after-lunch gamie. It wasn't one I had come across, but it's been played by our host and his family for many years.

The trick was to stick a postage stamp onto the dining room ceiling using a flat disc of plastiscine as a weight to propel it there. If the stamp sticks, the plastiscine falls away. The stamp was face down in the plastiscine and I moistened the glue on the back before I threw it.

It wasn't as easy as you might imagine; the missile had to connect full face with the ceiling to ensure the stamp sticks, otherwise it and the plastiscine would drop back down into my neighbour's coffee!

I'm pleased to report I succeeded first try, and my stamp has the distinction of being the stamp nearest the ceiling rose. I didn't actually see its denomination, but the oldest stamp on the ceiling is an Edward V111 stamp of 1937.

Some years ago the family was in uproar when it was proposed to paint the dining room ceiling. Such were the howls of protest that the painter was eventually instructed to paint round every single stamp, which probably tried his patience no end.

Written on Saturday, April 15th, 2006 at 9:11 pm for Weekly.